Why Canine Health?

All who are interested in dogs, are interested in their well being. Just as with humans, there are many different facets and angles that comprise well being. Day-to-day conditions, training, nutrition, exercise. These are some of the issues that should be of concern to individual owners and their pets at all times. There are other factors that come into play. What happens when a dog is ill or in pain? And, in the interest of the universal health of dogs, what about the process of breeding? Are there illnesses or conditions that occur more frequently – or even, often – to dogs of a certain breed, or from a certain breeder? What is, and should, be done about issues across breeds?

Our website is focused on helping dogs who are ill or injured, and what we can do to provide our best friends with as compassionate care as possible. Still, we highly respect the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC), who is trying to make a better life for dogs in the future.

We also want to recognize the work being done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Please support them if you can.